Agribusiness and Marketing

23 - November - 2010

CARD Agribusiness and Marketing department provides a comprehensive set of integrated technical and marketing services which develop existing agribusinesses and facilitate the establishment of new one as sustainable entities able to compete in domestic and foreign markets. Services include, but are not limited to, business development, market development, market intelligence projects, commodity sector analysis, and sales assistance in domestic and export markets.

Marketing Research, Feasibility Studies and Surveys

  • Conducts market research and generates market-intelligence reports and commodity sector analysis on the Armenian domestic and foreign food sectors
  • Designs business and marketing plans for agribusinesses
  • Provides local producers and exporters with information on external markets and assists them to participate in trade fairs and exhibitions, buyer-seller meetings, and other events that lead to product export/and or the establishment of joint ventures
  • Organizes and implements advertising and promotional campaigns for agribusinesses
  • Provides foreign companies with contacts and information concerning Armenian food products

Product Development

  • Product Development and Design
  • New product design and development
  • Product evolution
  • Product line diversification and expansion of existing products based on market demand and available technologies
  • Packaging Assistance and Design
  • New or modified packaging designs for food products based on target market requirements
  • Introduction of new packaging solutions, materials, and equipment

Food Quality Control and Assurance

  • Designs and implements effective Food Safety Intervention Programs to improve food handling, processing, and public health
  • Implements Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), HACCP, and other Quality Management Assurance Techniques in the wine, meat, dairy, fruit, and vegetable processing sectors
  • Links foreign firms/brokers with local producers who meet international food grade standards
  • Establishes or enhances new food testing laboratories in processing plants

Product Promotion and Market Development

  • Incoming trade missions: create a venue for prospective importers to meet Armenian food producers and facilitate on-site visits to processing firms
  • Outgoing trade missions: develop new markets for high-value added priority export products and introduce new products in existing markets
  • In-store promotions: organize consumer-awareness activities to generate demand for Armenian products at the domestic and international retail levels
  • Develops promotional materials: using mixed media, such as the Internet, an Armenian Food
  • Product Catalogue, and company profiles and product data sheets, CARD links exporters and buyers worldwide Provide export assistance:
  • Utilizes local and international experts to help create high-quality value-added products
  • Organizes and assists with export procedures, compliance, and documentation
  • Facilitates exportation of new products with brokers, freight-forwarders, and shippers
  • Establishes seller-distribution linkages
  • Collects and analyzes trade data Trade Fairs and Exhibitions:
  • Local Exhibitions International Exhibitions,
  • Food Fairs, and other events