28 - February - 2014

CARD Foundation cooperates with many development organizations in Armenia; one of them is World Vision International. Within the framework of such cooperation, on March 26, CARD organized an exchange visit to ARID goat breeding center in the Vayots Dzor region for 11 farmers from Talin region of the Argatsotn marz and 2 World Vision employees from Talin Area Development Program (ADP).

During the visit to ARID center, the farmers learned about the daily operation of ARID center and the proper ways of goat farm management, feeding, herd health control and animal care. The farmers were also eager to learn about how the Center cooperates with goat farmers and what kind of services they provide.

After the visit to ARID center, the group also visited to one of the leading goat cheese producers in the region, Golden Goat cheese plant, where the farmers were introduced to cheese production cycle, goat milk collection process and farmer-producer cooperation.