Bring Hope to the Border

18 - May - 2016

The aid to the border villages of Armenia is under the permanent attention of our organization. These areas need the most support in our country, as the ongoing war situation creates countless difficulties to the village inhabitants. Lack of employment, constant sniper-fire, poor conditions of households and educational institutions are some of the challenges that people in border villages face. They want to stay in the places they were born, grew up in, and have lived their entire lives, but all of these problems combined make it difficult for them to stay in their homes.

CARD Foundation highly values the creation and fortification of infrastructures in border areas.The decision not to celebrate the 10 year anniversary enabled CARD to spend part of the savings on the upgrading of the sport school in Artsvaberd community, located in the line of constant fire in Tavush region.

In 2015 CARD undertook the initiative of installing a heating system in the sport school. Besides, the windows of the school were changed and sports inventory was provided to them. From now on the children in Artsvaberd will have an opportunity to get a proper physical training. Healthy young generation is the guarantee of the security, wellbeing and future of our nation.