11 - March - 2011

On January 24-25, 2011, CARD Foundation in collaboration with International Institute for Food Safety and Quality (IIFSQ) provided a workshop on Risk Analysis to key food safety stakeholders. The materials prepared in the form of a set of seven PowerPoint presentations were presented by Dr. Gennadi Myroniuk, Ms. Anna Vasylenko, and Ms. Oksana Dorofeyeva.

There were 24 participants, among them employees of the Ministry of Agriculture (13), Ministry of Health (5), as well as food industry representatives (6).  The great deal of interest in the topic, its timeliness and relevance was amply demonstrated by the participants who engaged in several discussions with the workshop instructors.

The topics covered included overview of the Risk Analysis concept, such as risk assessment, risk management, risk communication, their principles, techniques, tools and strategies.

Agreement on Neighborhood concluded by the Government of Armenia and EU, and the need to fulfill the requirements of WTO Agreements on Elimination of Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) and on Application of Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary Measures (SPS) necessitate continuation and enhancement of harmonization of food law and practice with international, and primarily with European requirements, transparency of procedures of official controls over compliance with generally recognized food safety norms and rules in relation both to food produced in the Republic of Armenia and imported thereto.

One of the priorities of the newly established State Food Safety Service is the strengthening of the animal origin and food, as well as feed safety control infrastructure in terms of legislation, enforcement, institutional building and general awareness to facilitate work towards the challenges of the National food safety development strategy. To guaranty proper coordination of activities all food and feed safety related measures are required to be based on Risk Analysis. The Risk Analysis concept provides a systematic methodology for the determination of effective, proportionate and targeted measures or other actions to protect public health.

Thus, provision of such training within the framework of the Technical Assistance to Support the Armenian Food Safety System Program is a timely assistance from USDA through LSU, CARD and IIFSQ to the Armenian Government to address one of the country’s priority goals in the area of food safety.