04 - June - 2012

Under the auspices of the World Wide Sires (WWS) Emerging Markets Program (EMP) funded by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), the US Accelerated Genetics Specialist, Humberto Rivera, conducted seminars, consultations, and analyses on cattle herd reproductive and genetic improvements in Sisian, in the Syunik region.

The purpose of his visit was to update the knowledge of the AI specialists, and to carry out an analysis for community herd cross-breeds production and reproduction by collecting data and developing a spreadsheet.

The seminars were conducted for eight AI specialists in the Farm and Veterinary Service Center (FVSC), established by CARD. The specialists closely cooperate with the manager of the Center, Suren Vardanyan, who has also participated in several trainings organized by WWS and CARD specialists.

Creating a database of genetically improved herds using data from farms and communities was an idea which came up during the discussions.  A new and innovative technology was introduced by Mr. Rivera to set up data collection and record keeping for animal breeding and reporting.

Almost 10 years ago, the US specialists developed the Web-based software, Global Ag Connection, which enables animal husbandry specialists to register farms online, conduct economic analysis, and do data collection and record keeping. Now farmers in the Syunik region can access the Global Ag Connection software and register their livestock and record the improvement.

A chart and questionnaires were developed to collect data from the communities in order to use this software. Afterwards, Mr. Rivera will make it possible to summarize information about the production and reproduction of genetically improved herds in the region with the program.