15 - February - 2011

As a part of USDA funded Animal Health (AH) project CARD veterinary and animal health experts held a three‐day practical training in Kapan region of Armenia on January 25‐28, 2011. The main objective of the training was to assist veterinaries, improve their skills, teach and/or introduce them new vet services in the area.

After the theoretical part of the training, the AH team chose the most active specialists as target vets and the farms and communities serviced by them as target farms to conduct the trainings. This week the AH team visited the farm of Lyudvig Poghosyan, veterinary from Davit Bek village, and VaMax dairy farm with 300 milking cows in Kapan.

16 people participated in the training; among them nine veterinarians and farmers, five of which were target vets who stood out for active participation, the chief of regional vet office, the regional vet inspector, one student from veterinary science department of Armenian State Agrarian University (ASAU) and farmers.

The workshop included the following topics: hoof trimming, calf and cow dehorning, introduction of ultrasound scanner, pregnancy check (by rectal palpation and by ultrasound scanner), obstetrical disease diagnosis (clinical signs, ultrasound scanner), surgery (if necessary), blood sampling from tail (for laboratory testing of brucellosis), other (if some veterinary intervention is needed in the farms).

Based on the knowledge obtained during the training, local vets had the chance to practically demonstrate their skills of dehorning, hoof trimming, pregnancy checking, etc. Due to AH experts, these procedures became simpler and more effective to perform. This was only one part of the serial trainings to be implemented also in Goris and Sisian regions by mid-March.