22 - May - 2011

The Animal Health Team of CARD Foundation participated in technical trainings on animal health medicine organized by Veyx-Pharma GmbH veterinary pharmaceutical company in Schwarzenborn, Germany, on April 11-15, 2011. The main goal of the training was to introduce to the participants the variety of Veyx-Pharma products for cattle and pig and to explain the effectiveness of every medicament in comparison with their analogues, as well as to present the efficiency of their medicine based on the results of the research conducted by Veyx-Pharma.

Apart from the classroom trainings, Veyx-Pharma GmbH organized tours through the company and farm visits. In their warehouse the Animal Health specialists got acquainted with the Company’s daily work, such as packaging and labelling facilities, organizing medicine orders and maintaining in the warehouse.

Within the program, CARD specialists Tigran Gabrielyan and Nazeli Grigoryan also visited pig and cattle farms. The pig farms impressed the participants with their advanced approaches and methodology of keeping sows in individual pens with separate area for newborn piglets and keeping the record of any veterinary service delivered to each of them. After the movement of each group the pens were disinfected.

The cattle farms were impressive with responders on the necks of cows, which collected data from each cow during milking (udder condition, mastitis control, milk yield). Vaccination and veterinary service delivered to each cow was again recorded. Besides, near the barns the farmers had constructed big biogas stations to get energy from manure and farm waste.

The training was a good chance for the AH team to take up new information on medicine and farm care to introduce them to Armenian farmers with the aim of improving the AH in Armenia.