12 - September - 2014


The idea to publish an agricultural magazine has long been discussed by CARD team. A magazine that will transfer and disseminate know-how, information about inputs and agricultural technologies as well as  will be a platform for many advanced farmers and agribusinesses to discuss their success stories, problems and future  initiatives.

Through the USDA funding and encouragement, CARD implemented this new project and launched a new agricultural magazine called “Agromshakuyt”, first time after Armenia gained independence. The initiative has been supported by the RA Ministry of Agriculture.

The launch event, hosted on August 27th, 2014, was attended by the state and private sector representatives as well as representatives from the International Organizations. Among the honorable guests present were: the RA Minister of Agriculture Mr. Sergo Karapetyan, the US Ambassador to Armenia Mr. John Heffern, the USAID Economic Growth Officer Mr. Naren Chanmugam and others.

“I congratulate the launch of this magazine and hope that for farmers and agricultural specialists, it will be a good source for news on the sector achievements and new technologies in general. I would like to thank the US Government, the USDA and the USAID for their support provided for the development of Agricultural sector in Armenia throughout the years”, said the RA Minister in his speech.

In his welcome speech, the US Ambassador Mr. John Heffern highlighted two themes: the US-Armenia Partnership for the last 20 years and the Rural Development-the key goal of this partnership and cooperation. “Working with organizations like CARD, and the RA Ministry of Agriculture, we have been trying to create economic opportunities throughout Armenia focusing on agriculture and food processing as areas of high priority”, said the Ambassador.  “Now CARD is launching a magazine for farmers- a tool to spread information about technology and developments in the sector, aimed at sharing local and international good practices.  I look forward to seeing this magazine build on the success we have already achieved together and to continuing our work with CARD in ways that help Armenian farm families in every region to prosper well into the future”, mentioned the Ambassador.

“Agromshakuyt” magazine targets farmers, agricultural specialists, processors, and policy makers and anyone who is interested in agriculture and related topics. The magazine has a commitment to profile local and foreign successful farmers who represent a new vision in the agricultural marketplace and who can both encourage and provide role models to other farmers and agribusinesses.

The magazine will contain science, technology, newsworthy and thought-provoking material. It is expected to appeal to a broad farm and ag-related readership. It will be published every 3 months and will have an electronic version as well.