CARD’s 10 Year Anniversary Marked by Charity

18 - May - 2016

During the ten years of its operation the Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD) Foundation has assisted farmers and agribusinesses in increasing incomes, decreasing poverty and creating jobs, thus leading to sustainable livelihoods. Being committed to the Corporate Social Responsibilities, as well as driven by an internal belief in the prosperity of the society, CARD Foundation takes specific steps to deal with social and environmental issues on a regular basis.
In 2015 CARD Foundation marked the 10th anniversary of its establishment. The anniversary, though, was not celebrated, instead, the funds were directed to charitable activities. These activities first and foremost targeted the most vulnerable families. Particularly, in the second largest city of Armenia, Gyumri, after the 1988 disastrous earthquake many people still reside in temporary shelters. The story of the Dilanyan family, which was presented to CARD by “Shirak Kentron” NGO, was not an exception. The extended family of 4 members lived in a damp hut for more than 27 years. Immediately after viewing the case of the family, CARD undertook the purchase of a new and well-repaired flat for the family. In March 2016 the family moved to a 3-room apartment, fully furnished and equipped with all the necessary household appliances.