30 - September - 2014

For wheat farming, today it is not only possible but even often necessary to enhance land cultivation practices and shift to no-till technology which will result in improved soil conditions, water and nutrition availability for the plants thus ensure higher yields and improve the efficiency for crop production.

The “Efficient Crop Production” two-day conference, held in August, was organized by the Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD) Foundation, in the frame of the USDA-funded project, and supported by the John Deere GmbH International, the Bozoyan LTD and the RA Ministry of Agriculture.

Nearly 60 people attended the conference: lead farmers from different regions of Armenia, representatives from the leading institutions of the state, private and educational sectors as well as representatives from the world-famous agricultural equipment producing company John Deere International: Ms. Friederike Wassmund, Sales Division CIS, Territory Customer Support Manager Mr. Hartwig Bockhorn, tractor specialist Ms. Angelina Gorshkova, combine specialist Mr. Pe ter Beutcher and crop seeding and tillage equipment specialist Mr. Vahan Kazaryan. Representatives from other world-famous companies were also present for the event, among them: the Swiss-based Buhler company specialized in wheat post-harvest handling and milling and Avgusta company- Russia’s largest company producing and marketing chemicals to protect crops for use in industrial agriculture.

CARD set up a perfect field day in the lands owned by the Bozoyan LTD to show the local farmers how John Deere machinery operates under local conditions. The John Deere representatives made presentations in three field stations for tractor and combine operations.

“We are in cooperation with CARD since 2009, and we are very happy to have such a strong partner here in the country. We are looking to further develop and strengthen the cooperation with Armenia. Already over the past years, it was shown that John Deere machines are very successful in these conditions and I think CARD will help the local farmers to even push further the development and wider spread the machines. This year we introduced a new model of tractors 6B specially made for local small scale farmers and for this kind of environmental and market conditions”, mentioned Friederike Wassmund.

The first day program was ended by the tour in wheat processing plant provided by the owner Mr. Aramayis Bozoyan.

For the second day, a number of presentations were delivered on crop production whole chain by local and foreign representatives.

 Mr. Aramayis Bozoyan thoroughly presented the history of the Bozoyan LTD company established in late 90s in Omsk, Russia.  From 2001-2006, the company used 1500 ha lands for wheat production reaching up to 33,000 ha.

“Having a great success abroad, I decided to transfer my experience and invest part of my financial resources in the Armenian agriculture”, mentioned Mr. Bozoyan.

Activities in Armenia started in 2011. The company currently possesses 1700 ha lands in Tashir region for wheat production as well. The machinery and the equipment have been imported from the John Deere.

Introduction on the “No-till” technology and its advantages was as well delivered by Mr. Bozoyan. “It’s already the 8th season that we use the No-till technology in Omsk city and are quite satisfied with the results ”, concluded Mr. Bozoyan.

After the grain is harvested, what to do with it? The Buhler company Managing Director Mr. Sharif Nezam-Mafi put emphasis on wheat post-harvest handling and food production. “The potential for Armenia in this is tremendous because Armenia has a really good climate and a good harvest, and it really needs a technology to move away from just using the grain but really turning it into a value added product”.