The "Rural Economic Development-New Economic" Opportunities program will build upon current and previous projects, initiatives and activities that the government of Armenia, the U.S. government and USAID, and other donor and non-governmental organizations are implementing to address the economic challenges in rural Armenia.

RED-NEO activities will promote inclusive, sustainable economic security and economic growth by supporting at least 100 businesses in at least 60 communities. The program will accelerate the growth of small- and medium-sized enterprises (including farms and cooperatives) in the regions; facilitate market linkages between producers and buyers; and establish networks to promote local economic development. It will foster the development of a competitive agriculture sector by improving the performance of rural businesses and cooperatives, and their ability to meet quality standards.

RED-NEO will be implemented by CARD with AM Partners Consulting, Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment NGO, and Hicks Burnham and Williams LLC.

THe Center for Agribusiness and Rural Developement