The last technical assistance project directed to dairy sector development in Armenia and Georgia


On June 30th the last technical assistance project directed to dairy sector development in Armenia and Georgia financed through FAO has been successfully completed. This was the sixth project in the range aiming to enhance knowledge and experience exchange among Armenian and Georgian dairy farmers as well as create linkages with world top class input and equipment suppliers.

The implementation of the range of these projects has become back in December 2017, when CARD was ordered to conduct a Dairy Value chain mapping of Armenia and identification of sector development problems. The report meeting all expectations of FAO staff opened the path to 5 other projects which enlarged the scope of the project to Georgia as well. Proceeding projects were aiming to develop business mechanisms based on identified sector development gaps, which would create a win-win situation between value chain actors and upgrade the sector. A number of study visits and B2B events have been organized within the frames of these projects aiming to introduce new technologies of milk production and barn management, as well as world top class input suppliers and their products such as Alta Genetics, DeLaval, Agritom, Barenbrug, and many others.

The beneficiary farmers from Georgia also had a chance to have a study visit to Armenia and see on the field the local developments and problems. Throughout the implementation, we’ve got positive feedback on the importance of establishing this dialogue between farmers and veterinarians in both countries, as the gaps in sector development are pretty much the same. The farmers and vets found it very useful to learn about new technologies and having the chance to contact with top class representatives and find new opportunities.

Last but not least, due to FAO funding, CARD has piloted upgraded plastic barns in Armenia which is a huge step toward improved cow comfort in the country (which is one of the main reasons of animal vulnerability towards diseases and low milk productivity) and enjoys high demand among Armenian farmers.

We appreciate cooperation with FAO and believe that our joint efforts will create a number of benefits for Armenia’s agriculture and dairy sector specifically.


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