Technical Assistance to Support Food Safety System in Armenia


The Technical Assistance Program to Support the Armenian Food Safety System Project, sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), is a collaborative technical assistance effort between the LSU Agricultural Center, its US partner, Southern University, its Ukrainian partner, the International Institute for Food Safety and Quality (IIFSQ), and CARD. The overall goal of the project is to establish an effective Armenian food safety program bolstering the economy through increased demand and sale of food products within Armenia, regionally and for export, and to provide a safe and reliable food supply for the populace.

Three objectives have been set forth to reach this goal:

  • Improve Regulatory Process and Enforcement capacity
  • Enhance Science-Based Food Safety Awareness Programs
  • Provide Technical Assistance and Training for Armenian government and industry


Some of the activities include:

  • Assistance to Armenian government in implementation of Armenian Food Safety Strategy and Action Plan
  • Technical Training and Assistance (TTA) to consult food processors in development and maintenance of HACCP system
  • Capacity building for food safety professionals involved in Armenian Food Safety Coalition (AFSC)
  • Establishment of Sustainable Food Safety Training Capacity at CARD. Training topics include:
    • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Basic Sanitation Training
    • HACCP Training (specialized for meat & poultry, seafood, dairy, juice, and retail sectors)
    • ServSafe Training for food service establishments
    • Better Process Control School (BPCS) for Low Acid Canned Foods Training
    • Grade A  Pasteurized Milk Ordinance Training
  • Facilitation of export via  assistance to local food regulatory agencies and/or private sector to establish official relations with FDA, USDA, and EU
  • Producer-level food safety awareness program
  • Awareness program on postharvest care of horticultural crops
  • Establishment of science-based food safety Information Support System
  • Consumer Awareness Campaign