"Animal Health Management in Armenia and Georgia" Phase II Project


The proposed Animal Health Management  (AHM) in Armeni a and Georgia: Phase II aims at filling-in these gaps in regions of Armenia and Georgia, where the animal disease control and development of good animal husbandry practices are of high importance and certain activities in that regard, such as establishment of Farm and Veterinary Service Centers (FVSCs), have already been conducted. The proposed project is the logical continuation of the recently completed Animal Health Management in Cross Border Areas of Armenia and Georgia Project (AHM project) successfully implemented by CARD Foundation and its Georgian partner in the period of  2011-2014. The  AHM I Project was supported/funded by the  ADC and aimed at improving the economic viability at cross-border areas of Armenia (Shirak and Lori regions)  and Georgia (Samtskhe-Javakheti and Kvemo-Kartli regions) through awareness-raising campaigns on prevention and control of trans-boundary diseases, improvement of herd management strategies, and development of private veterinary business capacities. The overarching long-term goal of the proposed AHM II Project is the improvement of animal health and productivity in  Armenia and Georgia.