Sep 24

"Experience exchange between Armenian and Georgian Winemakers", "Participation at the spirits of Armenia Festival"

The USAID-funded “Rural Economic Development-New Economic Opportunities (RED-NEO)” program accelerates the growth of small- and medium-sized enterprises in the regions. Since the launch of the project, a number of rural businesses have been able to improve their operations and gain a foothold in the market. RED-NEO is consistent in its support. The latter is not limited to providing equipment, inputs, and consultation. Much attention is paid to the brand recognition of the beneficiaries through the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and festivals.




Jul 06

The Latest Technologies Reach Fioletovo Community

On May 21, 2021, within the frames of the Animal Identification and Registration (AIR) Project financed by the Austrian Development Agency, a training was held in the Fioletovo community of the Lori region in cooperation with the RA National Assembly Deputy Alexei Sandikov. The event attended by 30 farmers aimed at introducing the Animal identification and registration system, Smart farms, animal holding, and care, as well as modern livestock technologies.


Jun 08

New Development Prospects Provided

Within with frames of the “Rural Economic Development-New Economic Opportunities” project, funded by the US Agency for International Development, eight project beneficiaries were provided with the opportunity to participate at the 20th International Specialized Exhibition Food & Drinks EXPO 2021, organized by the LOGOS EXPO Center and the Union of Manufacturers & Businessmen (Employers) of Armenia.


Feb 04

AI&R and Animal Welfare Workshop

A three-day workshop and on-farm trainings on Animal Identification and Registration and Animal Welfare for veterinarians and farmers were held in the Lori region on 15-17 December 2020, in the frames of the Holding Animal Identification and Registration (HAI&R) project, funded by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA). More than 35 farmers and veterinarians from 7 communities participated in this workshop.



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