Establishment of the “Pedigree Animal Breeders Association”

02 - November - 2017

October 12, 2017 was marked by an important initiative, expected to be undertaken in the country long since. Acting upon the problem, frequently voiced by the farmers, CARD Foundation initiated the establishment of the “Pedigree Animal Breeders Association” with the direct support from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Since its establishment, CARD Foundation has carried out activities of artificial insemination and genetic improvement of cattle throughout Armenia. Due to the use of high-quality genetics imported from the United States and European countries, a number of farms have already been replenished with genetically improved animals as a result of a crossbreeding with local breeds. Currently these farms face the problem of proper pedigree animal management and they see the establishment of an association and joint implementation of activities as the only solution to the problem. Thus, the organization of the association-founding meeting was more than timely and actual.

Leading farmers, Head of the Veterinary and Stockbreeding department of the Ministry of Agriculture Mr. Levon Ter-Isahakyan, expert of the Rural and Agricultural Support Fund Mr. Ashot Grigoryan, as well as CARD Foundation representatives, attended the meeting. Mr. Levon Ter-Isahakyan noted the commitment and readiness of the Ministry of Agriculture to assist in the implementation of this idea and its sustainability provision.

The meeting was adjourned with the establishment of the “Pedigree Animal Breeders Association” to overtake the role of the farmers unification, registration, provision of pedigree animal cards, serving as a platform for interaction and discussions.

By joint voting farmer Armen Avetisyan was elected as the president of Association. Adjacently a five-member council was set up and the draft charter was discussed. We hope that the Association will successfully fulfill its mission promoting pedigree cattle breeding and creating new prospects for farmers. We also hope that the number of farmers willing to join the association will increase with time.