28 - February - 2014

The private veterinary clinics and services for large animals need to be addressed in Armenia. In the framework of the USDA Animal Health project, a workshop on the private veterinary business management was conducted at CARD office on March 30, 2013.

The training was delivered by an expert from Latvia, Andris Zalitis, who runs the Vidzem private veterinary clinic there.

11 senior students and 1 lecturer from the Veterinary department of the Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU) were invited to take part.

The training was designed to exchange experience with the young generation and stimulate them to think more on developing the private vet sector. “If it works for Latvia, it can be true for Armenia too”, said Mr. Zalitis.

The key message of the expert was that the prevention is always effective and relatively inexpensive, whereas the treatment is seldom effective and always expensive, and that the cause must be revealed and solved, not the problem.

He also shared with the students 10 golden rules he applies in the clinic during his daily work which is a key to the success in private vet business: “always be accessible; be kind; be honest to your customer; listen to your customer; put aside your private matters; keep confidentiality; improve your qualification; be prepared before you pay a visit; furnish information to your client and make people know you”.

The students were quite impressed by the presentation as they studied a completely different approach to herd health management focusing on prevention firstly. They also thanked CARD team for the given chance to take part in the session.