13 - March - 2014

Institutional Description
The Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD) is an Armenian Foundation founded in 2005 as a successor of USDA’s Marketing Assistance Program (USDA-MAP).
CARD’s mission is to assist farmers and agribusinesses in the production and marketing of food and related products to increase incomes and create jobs leading to sustainable livelihoods for rural populations and thus to contribute to poverty reduction.
CARD designs and implements its development assistance programs that are successfully addressing such priority needs of sustainable growth as a) promoting application of advanced agricultural technologies; b) supporting agricultural processing and the development of competitive food products for domestic and export markets; c) improving food safety and food security at the production, processing and service level; d) promoting animal genetics, improvement of animal health and husbandry practices; e) promoting agricultural machinery and equipment; f) supporting to establish new policies and regulation at government level.

CARD is committed to developing local rural capacity and promoting Armenian agro-products in the marketplace. Today, the pool of CARD supported clients contributes a significant share in agricultural industry of Armenia.
A key to CARD’s success is a team of highly qualified local professional staff and ongoing technical assistance of western consultants. CARD staff has been carrying out impact oriented projects for more than a decade and acquired best practices within the industry, which is applied in the Armenian agricultural sector. Over the years, many American Land Grant Universities, PUM experts and private sector specialists from different industry sectors teamed with Armenian experts to contribute technical and advisory assistance to both CARD and CARD clients’ capacity development.
CARD Foundation is a non-profit organization. It has two affiliate organizations:

1) Affiliate 1: CARD AgroServices is a for profit organization that provides agricultural services and products to farmers and agribusiness in Armenia
2) Affiliate 2: CARD AgroCredit is a Universal Credit Organization registered and licensed with the Central Bank of Armenia to provide agricultural and agribusiness financial services in Armenia; and

All two together is a “One-Stop-Shop” concept which was successfully introduced.

SME Development Program for Strategic Rural Areas

  • Encourages and assists Agribusinesses in rural areas

Development of Market Infrastructure in Rural Communities

  • Develops cold chain network
  • Improves post-harvest handling and packaging of fruits and vegetables
  • Regional marketplace development- wholesale and roadside markets
  • Organizes regional agricultural fairs and international exhibitions

Improving Agricultural Efficiency and Increasing Production

  • Supports animal and plant sectors at the farm level to improve the quality of products for further processing and marketing
  • Introduces farming equipment, new crop varieties, and high genetic quality livestock to improve quality of production
  • Improves veterinary and the health management systems in rural areas
  • Improves milk quality

Marketing Research

  • Conducts market research and generates market-intelligence reports and commodity sector analysis on the Armenian domestic and foreign food sectors
  • Designs business and marketing plans for agribusinesses.
  • Organizes and implements advertising and promotional campaigns for agribusinesses locally and abroad

Product Development

  • New product design and development
  • Product line diversification and expansion of existing products based on market demand and available technologies

Food Quality Control and Assurance

  • Designs and Implements of effective Food Safety Intervention Programs to improve food handling, processing, and public health
  • Implements Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), HACCP, and other Quality Management Assurance Techniques in the meat, dairy, fruit, and vegetable processing sectors
  • Establishes or enhances new food testing laboratories in processing plants

Product Promotion and Market Development

  • Develops Promotional Materials: using mixed media, such as Internet, Armenian Food Product Catalogue, company profiles and product data sheets, links exporters and buyers worldwide
  • Supports local agribusinesses to participate in International Exhibitions, Food Fairs, and other events


Our Mission

To assist farmers and agribusinesses in the production and marketing of food and related products to increase incomes and create jobs leading to sustainable livelihoods for rural populations.

Who We Are

We are a highly trained team of Armenian and international development professionals with more than 10 years experience in Armenian agricultural development. We are a result-based organization dedicated to reducing rural poverty and increasing the standard of living throughout Armenia.

Our Clients

We work from the farm gate to the marketplace with farmer groups, rural agribusinesses, food processors, and retailers.

Our Approaches

  • Implement projects on the highest ethical basis
  • Provide solutions to customers to make their work easier, more efficient and more cost effective.
  • Deliver the best and most innovative products
  • Hire the best people and treat them well
  • Set a good example for other organizations
  • Make our office, community and country better place to live via sharing our specific knowledge and values in the areas of agriculture and agribusiness with the local communities and population.


CARD Foundation implements projects in all the regions of Armenia and Georgia.


CARD Foundation provides services, daily consultations and training in the following fields and value chains.
– Animal husbandry
– Animal health
– Dairy processing
– Wine production
– Agriculture related project management
– Food safety/ HACCP introduction
– New technologies in Greenhouse management
– New technologies in Horticulture
– Fruit drying
– Farm mechanization

The trainings are organized locally and abroad.


CARD staff continuously improves its capacities through participation in different training programs and the extensive collaboration with foreign partners.

The gained knowledge is shared with local farmers and businesses on daily basis.

CARD Foundation collaborates with a sizeable number of organisations in Armenia, and shares the accumulated knowldege and experience with them.


CARD projects are implemented by its main departments: Agribusiness and Marketing, Rural Development and Food Safety.
CARD foundation also has Finance and Administrative Departments.
In addition, CARD implements special projects in targeted areas such as “Animal Health” that is carried out in cooperation with USDA. ADA.
CARD Foundation established two for-profit organizations to expand its services to farmers and agribusinesses.
In 2006, CARD AgroService CJSC was launched, which is specialized in import of high quality input supplies, such as seeds, dairy ingredients and livestock semen, environmentally friendly pest and disease control products, agricultural equipment and machinery, etc.
CARD AgroService CJSC is passing its expertise to the interested organizations/agents, farmers and agribusinesses in the regions on high quality input supplies, transferring new technologies and innovative solutions.
In 2008 CARD AgroService CJSC started an Organic Store.
CARD AgroCredit CJSC was established in 2008, which provides financial services to farmers, processors, exporters and other agricultural related entities. CARD AgroCredit finances agricultural value chains.
In total CARD Foundation has 60 employees.


CARD has designed and implemented rural development and marketing assistance projects of 15 million US$ over past 7 years.


– World bank
– World Vision
– Heifer International
– Swiss Development Agency
– CARE International
– CiDA/ Georgia
– Austrian Development Agency
– Armenian Development Agency
– Ministry of Agriculture of Armenia
– Armenian Agricultural Academy
– SME development/ Armenia
– PUM (Dutch Senior Experts)
– Jineshyan Foundation

Business Partners
– CARD cooperates over 50 leading Agricultural equipment and input supply producing           companies located mainly from EU and USA.
– CARD Organic store collaborates with over 20 organic producers from Europe


– About 10 wineries have been assisted due to which more than 1500 grape growers                    benefited
– Over 3000 stakeholders were trained on food safety requirements, 7 food processing             companies initiated development of HACCP programs through CARD intervention
– 40 dairy processors have been assisted with introduction of new technologies and                   marketing activities
– 1500 farmers have been provided training in animal feeding and genetics improvement
– 150 greenhouses have been supported with introduction of new high quality seeds and        new biological protection and pollination technologies
– More than 1000 horticultural farmers have been trained and supported with                                introduction of new technologies
– More than 10 dried fruit producers have been supported