28 - February - 2013

The Black Ox dairy farm located in Bardzrashen village nearby Yerevan is owned by the Ghazarian family and is one the most progressive farms in Armenia. Starting only with one cow, a calf and a heifer, the farm gradually increased the number up to 78 cattle half of which are Holstein heifers bred through artificial insemination (AI).

In 2005, the AI technology was applied in the farm with support of CARD and the US-based World Wide Sires (WWS) specialists. After participating in capacity building programs on AI and dehorning, today, the owner’s son, Norayr Ghazaryan, carries out artificial insemination at his farm using the semen from the US.

Having a genetically improved livestock, the farm produces up to 6500 liters milk annually, whereas previously this number hardly reached 3000 liters. More than 70% of the cattle are milked with “De Laval” milking machines.

CARD’s ongoing support and consultancy to Norayr Ghazaryan has marked considerable improvements in animal care management at the farm, young stock care and nutrition in particular. New modern barns along with special calf feeding buckets have been placed for pure bred calves which are as well fed with Trouw Nutrition products-calf starters.

“The construction of a loose barn for cows and the provision of balanced feed ratio is a priority. In case of such favorable conditions for the livestock, we are likely to register an increase of 15-25% milk yield”, said Norayr Ghazaryan.

Being formerly a semi derelict structure, the farm now has become a demo project due to the devoted and hard work of the Ghazaryan family.