20 - January - 2011

CARD works in conjunction and cooperation with the Armenian State Agrarian University, the Small Farm Water Management Research Center, and Utah State University specialists to monitor soil moisture levels, construct village wells, rehabilitate old pipelines and demonstrate new irrigation technologies throughout Armenia. Over 100 village wells have been drilled. Trainings in water use management disseminate expertise to partner organizations and villagers based on research conducted using six electronic weather stations and 30 ET gauges. Demonstration drip irrigation systems have been installed in Yeghegnadzor and Tavush vineyards to demonstrate their effectiveness. A pump station has been built which services 300ha of dry land available to six communities in addition to four new water wells and pipelines in Spitak and Syunik to provide water for families and livestock.

The goal of CARD’s irrigation work is to create efficient irrigation schedules for each individual crop to eventually create an effective and sustainable system throughout the country.

Small Farm Water Management Research Center

Saving Water through Efficient Use & Science-Based Management

The Small Farm Water Management Research Center (SFWMRC) was established in 2002 with assistance from CARD’s predecessor, the USDA Marketing Assistance Project, to enable the effective use and management of water resources by communities and water users’ associations. The Center is operated by the Armenian State Agrarian University’s Extension Department in partnership with CARD. CARD implements irrigation improvement projects, provides consultancies and conducts applied research projects through the Center with the aim of assisting farmers to apply modern water management technologies. The Center is equipped with a research laboratory and an irrigation field laboratory.

SFWMRC Contact Information:

#74 Teryan str.
Extension Department
Armenian State Agrarian University
Yerevan 375009

Tel: (374 10) 54 05 86 (374 10) 54 05 86 , 54 05 96
Fax: (374 10) 56 07 11

SFWMRC Services:

Soil Moisture Monitoring

  1. Soil moisture identification
  2. Soil moisture estimation
  3. Soil moisture control
  4. Determination of irrigation timing
  5. Establishment of watering standards
  6. Establishment of irrigation standards

Surface irrigation assessment

  1. Discovery of soil water-physical qualities
  2. Watering mechanism measurement
  3. Irrigation water management in the field
  4. Watering mechanism evaluation
  5. Watering mechanism improvement

Forecast and practical use of agroclimatic data through electronic weather stations

  1. Agroclimatic data entry
  2. Water use forecast and planning through agroclimatic data
  3. Moisture sufficiency evaluation
  4. Effective water use through agrotechnical measures

New technology to determine agricultural crops irrigation schedule

  1. Sum evaporation measurement
  2. Determination of irrigation timing
  3. Preparation of water use patterns
  4. Determination of irrigation schedules

Effective use of village wells water

  1. Irrigation water estimation
  2. Evaluation of village wells operations
  3. Evaluation of irrigation water use effectiveness
  4. Effective use of village wells water

Training on irrigation, consultancy/knowledge

  1. Fundamental irrigation
  2. Irrigation new technologies
  3. Irrigation improvement
  4. Training on irrigation, consultancy/knowledge

Implementation of irrigation new technologies field demonstrations

  1. Irrigation water supply, allocation, watering mechanism
  2. Irrigation effectiveness growth
  3. Water use planning
  4. Watering mechanism

Water measurement, water supply, water estimation

  1. Irrigation water estimation
  2. Water measurement
  3. Information on water use
  4. Water payments evaluation