Meat production

09 - January - 2011

CARD focuses on livestock breeding, slaughtering, and transportation with services ranging from genetic improvement to training and equipment provision. Modern slaughtering techniques are introduced for quality and safe meat, while veterinary checks, waste water treatment, proper feeding and housing complete the package of CARD services to develop the livestock industry.

CARD addresses the entire supply chain from animal breeding, housing in three-sided open air barns, and animal health, to slaughtering, transportation, processing, safe packaging, and product promotion at the retail level. New products such as beef jerky, meat snacks, and mini-sausages have been developed. Food safety experts work closely with meat processors to ensure expanding production and improved sanitation practices. CARD trainings for Yerevan’s butchers promote proper sanitation, meat handling, and cutting techniques. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is also beginning to be implemented to allow for the preservation of meat products without losing important vitamins and nutrients. Finally, CARD develops catalogs and brochures for clients, importers and potential consumers.

Meat Sector Development Services:

  • Improved Animal breeding, raising, and slaughtering practices
  • Proper cold chain transportation
  • New product development
  • Meat Packaging and Marketing
  • Sanitation and safety improvement
  • Product Safety and Plant Sanitation Compliance