18 - July - 2012

Since 2010, CARD has collaborated with Rijk Zwaan, a Dutch Company that develops new high-quality varieties of vegetables. The company continues to introduce new vegetable varieties to local greenhouse owners, as well as transfers new technologies , provides technological support and advice to vegetable producers.

On June 19-20, under the auspices of the USDA-supported project, Varietal Test of Cucumber and

Tomato Seeds, CARD hosted two specialists from Rijk Zwaan, Sergiy Vasylevskyy and Andrii Galaguria. During their stay in Armenia, Mr. Vasylevskyy and Mr. Galaguria conducted a seminar in Darakert community, in the Ararat region, for about 60 greenhouse farmers and owners, on the introduction of improved technologies and new tomato varieties Cinto Makhitos 667.

The specialists along with the farmers also visited neighboring trial plots where new varieties  were sampled, as well as on-site consulting was provided to many greenhouse owners.