21 - November - 2011


The seeds were provided as a grant to the “Khapan Small Farmers’ Association” NGO and were distributed amongst farmers in Syunik region for trials. These farmers include Marat Artemyan from Kapan, Spartak Avetisyan and Lamara Aleqsanyan from Tcsav community, and Marine Baghdasaryan and Ashot Hakobyan from Tandzaver community. On the trial plots in these communities, the seedlings were produced in June, 2010.

In April 2011, on a 500 square meters experimental plot Marine Baghdasaryan planted tubers produced from the potato seeds in 2010. To increase yields, agro-technical activities that included weeding and loosening, control of fungal disease and Colorado potato beetle, and topdressing with micro-nutrient-fertilizer were carried out. The plot was watered seven times. At the last visit in the beginning of August 2011, the canopy was dense and a rich harvest was expected.

Ashot Hakobyan planted 1000 seedlings on a 150 square meters trial plot which was watered, weeded, loosened, and fertilized with biohumus, and fungal disease and pests were controlled. The harvesting took place in October 2010. From the experimental plot, 60 kg of superior tubers were harvested and in spring 2011, they underwent light hardening and were planted on 200 square meters. During the vegetative stage, weeding, loosening, watering, nutrition, and disease and pest control activities were performed. In September, 1000 kg of superior quality potatoes were harvested.

Also in 2011, Ashot Hakobyan planted 3000 seedlings on a 500 square meter plot. Harvesting was done in October. The tubers produced will be used as potato planting stock in the coming year.

The results were better than expected. Moreover, farmers from the communities involved showed a great interest in buying tubers, and in the near future actual potato seeds will probably be imported, instead of tubers, as this is easier and less expensive.