17 - September - 2011

In mid-August 2011, USDA FAS International Agricultural Development Specialist Kirsten Luxbacher together with CARD specialists visited sweet corn farms of Jrahovit village of Ararat marz of Armenia. During the trip they met with the local farmers to talk about the strategies, innovations, problems and other issues they have to deal with while growing the sweet corn, which seems to acquire great popularity in the country.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank CARD for arranging the visit to Jrahovit Village’s sweet corn farms. It is great to be able to observe firsthand how Armenian farmers are benefiting from the collaboration between USDA and CARD,” says Kirsten.

According to Ms. Luxbacker, the sweet corn program appears to be a successful initiative that is growing in popularity with farmers due to the price it can command in the market. If this goes on there will be a need to open new markets for the crops and look for new ways to process the corn and add value to its growing.

In case of good strategy and promotion not only the capital and the adjacent villages but the whole country will acquire the taste for sweet corns.