The RA Minister of Agriculture Met with the USDA Under Secretary in Washington DC

28 - July - 2015

During his mission visit to the United States of America, the RA Minister of Agriculture Mr. Sergo Karapetyan had a meeting with the USDA Under Secretary Michael Scuse on July 21st. The meeting was aimed at discussing the USDA-supported projects being implemented in Armenia and pointing out possible cooperation areas in near future.

Both parties especially emphasized the importance of brucellosis control and its prevention measures. In this context, a number of issues were paid attention to, among them: preliminary works for the development of national disease program, national strategy for brucellosis control and prevention, vaccinations, animal identification and registration, etc.

“The application of effective measures for the control of brucellosis in Armenia is actual nowadays. In this regard, we highly appreciate the USDA support and the cooperation with Armenian experts through experience exchange”, said the Minister in his remarks.

The Ag. Minister presented the recent developments in the RA Agriculture, the state projects directed for the sector development and the outcomes.

During the meeting, the officials discussed the USDA-supported joint projects in different branches of Armenian agriculture for past few years, as well as the establishment of the Agribusiness Teaching Center (ATC) and the Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD) Foundation through USDA support.

The development of private extension service in Armenia was also a subject to discussion.

For the close-up, both parties confirmed willingness to extend the framework of the projects being implemented in Armenia based on the sector priorities.