03 - February - 2014

Armenia’s vice Prime-Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Mr. Armen Gevorgyan continues his visits to the US Government supported projects. After his visit to USDA/CARD-supported projects in Tashir region on January 22nd, he expressed high interest to visit similar projects in other regions of Armenia. Thus, on February 3rd, 2014, his regional visit to Syunik marz included tours to two USDA supported projects among them Borisovka LLC dairy processing plant and Sarnakunq Farm and Veterinary Service Center (FVSC).

The Borisovka LCC dairy processing plant was established in 2006 in Tsghuk village. A CARD AgroCredit UCO loan was provided to build a new and improved facility. It started as a small one-room family business processing 40 liters of milk and producing goat cheese. Today, the dairy processes around 5000 liters of milk per day in the season and produces different types of cheese including: Mozzarella, Suluguni, Camambert, Ricotta, and Feta. Recently, the CARD marketing team supported the dairy in the production of 2 new cheese types.

Since 2006, with the USDA support, CARD has provided assistance to the company in a number of areas: introduced new dairy technologies, equipment and product packaging; improved product storage conditions; promoted the products through participation in international food exhibitions and provided food safety training.

“The production volumes have considerably increased, and we already produce 7 types of cheese, focusing mainly on Mozzarella cheese type, which comprises the 60-70% of the whole production. In near future, we plan to increase again both the production and sales volumes, as well as undertake respective measures for export”, mentioned the plant owner Mr. Myasnik Grigoryan.

The three year intervention plan of export for the dairy plant has already been discussed with CARD Agribusiness and Marketing, Food Safety Departments and CARD AgroCredit UCO too.

Mr. Armen Gevorgyan noted, “Actually, the company provides income to 120 farmers who supply milk to the dairy plant”.

To enhance the private extension services in Armenia, USDA/CARD initiated the establishment of the first Farm and Veterinary Service Center in Sarnakunq village which became a model for replication.

The provision of the artificial insemination (AI) services has resulted in higher milk yield in the region. “The maximum milking capacity of local breeds is 1000-1500 liters milk, whereas today, we have genetically improved cows with increased milking capacities of 4000-4500 liters milk”, said Sarnakunq FVSC manager Mr. Suren Vardanyan. “Thanks to the Center, our community veterinarians now have access to high quality animal medicines, input supplies, feed additives, milking machines, new technologies which they lacked previously”, added Mr. Vardanyan.

“To have more developed agriculture, the Government has a lot to do in the field in cooperation with local and international organizations”, mentioned the vice Prime-Minister.