Who We Are

23 - November - 2010

The Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD) is a “one-stop-shop” economic development organization with a highly-trained and motivated staff, a broad client base, and unparalleled country-wide coverage throughout Armenia.It was established on April 4, 2005, as a local Armenian foundation, and carries on the legacy of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s successful 13 year Marketing Assistance Program (USDA-MAP).

Continuing the hallmarks which made its predecessor USDA MAP successful, CARD’s programs are timely, flexible, impact-oriented, and respond to real challenges facing Armenian farmers, agribusinesses, and exporters. Each undertaking focuses on enhancing the agribusiness community and improving rural livelihoods.

CARD’s main program departments consist of Agribusiness and Marketing, Rural Development, and Special Projects, which include specially contracted projects such as a Food Safety Program, in conjunction with the USDA and Louisiana State, and the creation of the Farm Credit Organization, guided by the U.S.Farm Credit Administration. CARD’s programs are designed to achieve the following:

  • Facilitate innovation at the enterprise, industry, and subsector level
  • Help design and establish new agribusinesses
  • Bring individual enterprises together to form cohesive industry groups with share visions
  • Lower costs of unit production, transportation, and marketing
  • Provide competitive advantage strategies for SMEs in remote regions and increases sustainability of young farmers.
  • Improve access to new agricultural technology, information, and markets

Our Vision
To be a prime service provider in the region to advance sustainable agriculture and agribusinesses.

CARD Strategic Plan 2006-2009 1.35 Mb

Our Mission
To assist farmers and agribusinesses in the production and marketing of food and related products to increase incomes and create jobs leading to sustainable livelihoods for rural populations.

Who We Are
We are a highly trained team of Armenian and international development professionals with experience in agricultural development. Having worked for more than 10 years throughout Armenia, we are a result-based organization dedicated to reducing rural poverty and increasing the standard of living throughout the Caucasus.

Our Clients
We work from the farm gate to the marketplace with farmer groups, rural agribusinesses, food processors, exporters, and retailers.

Our Approach
We offer a complete and integrated package of agricultural development services that are always market-driven to benefit farmers. Our assistance stimulates growth at both the rural and agribusiness level. Beginning on-farm, CARD transforms low profit commodities into profitable, high value-added products.

For example, within the dairy sector CARD provides expertise to improve milk production and introduce new technologies to increase raw product quality. CARD helps form dairy milk marketing associations and works with cheese producers to increase joint-collaboration, meet international standards, improve packaging, and design creative labels. CARD develops programs which broaden market access from regional to national and international markets, and replace import substitution with export opportunities.

In summary, CARD grows small and medium enterprises with significant advantages throughout the marketing chain and offers the most complete set of agribusiness services to the agricultural sector in Armenia.