15 - May - 2014

In April, 2014, CARD organized a workshop on the Greenhouse Tomato Growing Technology in the frame of the USDA-funded Greenhouse Management project component. The seminar was attended by 38 greenhouse farmers from the Armavir, Ararat and Kotayq regions as well as by Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU) students. The workshop was conducted by the tomato crop specialist Mr. Peter Molnar from the Rijk Zwaan- Dutch seed producing company.

During the workshop, Mr. Molnar introduced the trainees to the tomato seed varieties produced by the Rijk Zwaan and offered new hybrids suitable for Armenian soil, climate conditions and the market demand, as well as the pink  tomato hybrid which stands out for its bigger size, stronger taste and high sugar content.

After the introduction of hybrids varieties, he put emphasis to the growing technologies of tomato seedlings in the greenhouses related to seedlings nutrition ratio, the optimal micro-climatic and soil components-related requirements for proper growth of the seedlings. Moreover, he tackled issues on planting of seedlings, pollination, plant disease control and pest management.

Mr. Molnar gave answers to the participants’ questions in regard with the problems they encounter during the tomato growing, such as the pH in soil and possible ways of its control, the micro-climatic optimal temperature of the nursery and the greenhouses and the best options of nutrition.

Upon the completion of the workshop, CARD specialists Sahak Nazaryan and Anna Karapetyan along with Mr. Peter Molnar paid visits to the greenhouses located in Arshaluys and Khachpar communities of the Armavir region and Darakert community of the Ararat region. He got acquainted with the current conditions of tomato production, the main concerns of the farmers and offered solutions.