CARD a Member of EUFRAS

14 - July - 2015

On 17th of June, 2015, the Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD) was officially admitted into the European Forum for Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services (EUFRAS) Society.

As a network for rural advisory services, EUFRAS is designed to play an advocacy role for the members addressing particularly EU-Institutions in the field of agricultural politics and rural development. With EUFRAS, there is now a contact on a European level for questions regarding agricultural politics and rural advisory services.

Th organisation is open for public and private advisory services and institutions whose work aims at supporting farming families, agricultural organizations, local groups and individuals involved in agriculture or rural development and addresses current and emerging problems. Further members are very welcome.

EUFRAS wants to support advisory services in their efforts to promote innovation and knowledge transfer in rural areas and in agriculture. Conferences, seminars and events shall offer a platform for exchange and cooperation between advisory services from all over Europe. Another important goal of EUFRAS is to improve the quality of advisors qualification.