19 - April - 2011

CARD Foundation together with Dutch PUM Senior experts Robert Back and Wim de Jong organized and conducted trainings on Farm Management in Syunik and Shirak marzes on March 14-26, 2011. During the trainings the experts shared experience with local farmers, village mayors and students involving every participant in the training process by means of interactive presentations, slideshows, Q&As, etc. The main topics covered during the trainings were animal welfare, barn conditions such as light, fresh air, ventilation, also feeding management, and proper milking.

The experts displayed photos of farms before and after their trainings putting the emphasis on the lack of light, ventilation, feed and water quality. Another interesting thing about the presentation was that the experts talked about the lack of minerals in pastures, which influences animal health conditions, decreases breeding level as well as food quality. If the farmer comes across this situation, s/he has to fertilize the pasture to avoid future problems.

Besides, they described the main issues in growing high-quality grass, preparation of corn silage, advantages of harvesting grass in proper conditions, etc. In the frames of the trainings, PUM experts visited several small farms in Sisian region of Syunik, in Sarnakunq and Shaki communities.

In Brnakot and Sarnakunk communities they visited farms with imported animals. The Dutch experts ex-pressed concern regarding bad feeding, housing conditions the imported high breed animals have. According to them after two weeks of transportation and bad conditions, the acclimatization of the imported animals will take longer, up to 2-3 years, resulting drop of productivity and health problems.

Trainings of the same format were held in Azatan, Jajur, Meghrashat and Tsaghkut communities of Shirak marz.