19 - April - 2011

As a part of USDA funded project CARD Animal Health team held practical, on-farm trainings in Syunik region of Armenia, in particular, in Sisian city, as well as Sarnakunq, Brnakot and Hatsavan villages in March 2011. The training aimed at building/increasing awareness on AH related issues among the veterinarians of Sisian.

As reported in January issue of CARD newsletter, this was the second part of the serial trainings implemented in the frames of the USDA Animal Health project. The first circle of training took part in Kapan region at the end of January, 2011.

The objectives of the training were to assist veterinarians, to improve their skills and knowledge, to increase level of awareness and to introduce them new vet services (which can be implemented in their daily work to have better profit).

The main beneficiaries of the training were vets and farmers of the same community. There were 11 participants, among them five veterinarians (four of which were target vets who stood out for active participation) and six farmers, among them one woman.

Based on the knowledge obtained during the theoretical part of the training, local vets had the chance to practically demonstrate their skills of dehorning, hoof trimming, pregnancy checking, blood sampling, etc. Due to AH team, these procedures became simpler and more effective to perform.

The training was fruitful at the community level as the participants interacted and participated enthusiastically in knowledge and experience sharing. At the end of the workshop the confidence and the feeling of empowerment emerging from a sense of preparedness to use new skills were evident. Similar trainings are also valuable in the sense of establishing communication among vets and farmers for further cooperation and skills exchange.