18 - November - 2011

In April 2011, World Vision Stepanavan Area Development Program (ADP) together with CARD Foundation implemented a cattle raising project for the youth groups of Gargar and Gyulagarak communities of Lori region. The project’s aim was to raise awareness and interest in animal husbandry by providing 2-3 month old calves for raising.

CARD specialist Levon Movsisyan paid regular visits to the youth groups to provide training on the keeping and housing of cattle, their feeding, health care, and disease control, as well as monitoring growth and cleanliness.

At the Harvest Festival in Lori marz held on October 8, the youth groups from the target communities organized a cattle show and displayed their decorated and groomed calves.

Also present at the festival were the RA Vice Prime Minister, the Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Vardan Karapetyan, and  the Governor of Lori marz Arthur Nalbandyan. These dignitaries were interested in the project and congratulated the young farmers on their excellent work.

This initiative will be ongoing, and similar projects with new youth groups are planned for 2012.

World Vision Area Development Programs (ADPs) are multi-sector programs that focus on the well-being of children, and entail a 15 year commitment to communities. With the active involvement of communities, the aim of the projects is to improve the level of food security and nutrition, to ensure access to education and healthcare for children, to facilitate income generation, and to promote spiritual development and the rehabilitation of living conditions and infrastructure in communities.