08 - November - 2012

September 25th to 27th, the Farm and Veterinary Service Center in Azatan community of the Shirak marz hosted its first group of participants for a 3-day joint workshop which was conducted by the AGES specialist, Mr. Hubert Weinberger, under the auspices of the ADC-funded “Animal Health Management in Cross Border Areas of Armenia and Georgia” project.

The joint workshop was designed for 25 state and private veterinarians both from Armenia (Shirak and Lori regions) and Georgia (Samtskhe-Javakheti and Kvemo-Kartli regions), among them 4 women vets.

The vets were taught about the Anatomical Pathology of Animal Diseases spread in Armenia and Georgia and in cross-border areas.    During  the  theoretical  part,  more than 15 PowerPoint presentations were made on animal diseases  including:  Anthrax,  ASF,  Bluetongue,  Bradsot, BVD,  CSF,  Erysipelas,   Leptospirosis,  Listeriosis,  Rabies, Pasteurellosis,  IBR, Tick borne blood parasites, PI-3, Bo- vine rota-coronavirus infection.

For the hands-on session, Mr. Weinberger presented finding on the death of 2 animals, showed different organ-system related problems, presented the pathological changes of the diseases and showed which organs to take samples from for laboratory examination.

Upon the end of the workshop, the vets were handed certificates. They thanked the AGES specialist, Mr. Weinberger, for sharing the foreign experience with them and expressed a high interest for additional practical trainings.