19 - April - 2012

Many veterinarians today lack information on the latest European and U.S. medicines available in Armenia. The medicines being used are sometimes obsolete and ineffective, and treatment results are poor because of resistance animals have to those medications. As a result animal health problems and diminishing of farm income.

To enhance the knowledge and skills of veterinarians about veterinary medicines available in Armenia, and to introduce the techniques and methods to better implement veterinarian and artificial insemination (AI) services, within the framework of the USDA- supported Animal Health Project, project coordinator Tigran Gabrielyan and project assistant Nazeli Grigoryan organized trainings for nearly 50 veterinarians from the Syunik region in March and early April.

The main topics taught and discussed during the training sessions were effective veterinary medicines registered and available in Armenia; the best schemes for the use of those medicines; veterinary medicines available through the Animal Health project as an opportunity for the veterinarians to procure trial samples on a cost sharing basis; and the introduction and the mission of the Farm and Veterinary Service Center, which provides advanced AI and veterinary services to farmers in the region.

The training was followed by an active answer and question session. An additional ten veterinarians from the region expressed interest in trying the new medications, thanks to the excellent feedback provided by those veterinarians who have already been using them.

Armen Orbelyan, the community veterinarian from Kapan, said, “Calci Veyxol is the best solution for milking fever and when the cow loses lot of calcium right after birth. In my practice, I had cases when the farmers didn’t even believe that the cows will recover, but I had good results with the injections of Calci Veyxol”.

Another community veterinarian, Vahagn Sargsyan from Kapan, stated, “All the medicines I have tried in the scope of the AH project are very effective. Veyxyl-LA works best for diarrhea in calves, and Trimetox is the best choice for respiratory system diseases in calves”.